Local Art now featured at Mountain Inn

We now proudly display the artwork of local Photographer Nace Hagemann throughout the hotel. You can find his beautiful pieces in the main lobby, office and restroom, as well as in a couple of rooms on the main floor. We will continue to grow his collection as he has beautiful new images ready for us!

Nace’s focus is typically on the illusive Minnesota Moose, as well as the almost equally as illusive Northern Lights. Nace resides on the Gunflint Trail which is the prime location for both Northern Lights and Moose, and he spends lots of time looking for both, so there is no shortage of incredible images that he has captured. If you would like to see more of his images than what we have on display here at the hotel, you can follow him on Facebook @nacehagemannophotography or on Instagram @nacehagemann, too.

One of his best images ever currently resides in our pantry area. It’s called Grandpa’s Bull, and it often wows guests as they pass by. It has an incredible story…. When the hunt for the Minnesota Moose began again a few years ago, Nace was struggling to find the Moose in places he had come to know them well, and became concerned that he may not see them again. One day he received news from back home that his Grandfather had passed away. Sad that he couldn’t make the drive home, he took to the woods, his most favorite place to be. As he shared this story with us he spoke of making a bit of a heavenly request of his Grandfather in that moment, mentioning how worried he was that he may never see a Moose again. In that very moment he was wishing that his Grandfather could help him see a Moose again one last time, a giant bull Moose came walking out of the woods towards him, and happened to stay with him for quite some time. He was able to be so close to him for so long that the image he captured is SO clear you can see the reflection of he and his truck in it’s eye.

If you would like to view or purchase any of the works that we have on display in the hotel, please stop by our front desk.

And stay tuned as we look for more Artist’s to feature here at Mountain Inn!

Grandpa’s Bull by Nace Hagemann

Grandpa’s Bull by Nace Hagemann